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Solade Concepts

Grid Tie Solar EV Charging Stations



 The EV Charging Station is designed to build the EV charging infrastructure that will help support the future electrical demands of the EV industy in every city.



Gain the added advantage of advertising space!  Our Solar Charging Station is a multi-functional structure that provides renewable energy, shade, EV charging, and also serves as an added revenue source.  With enough advertising space on the front or back of the structure, this versatile tool will keep the revenue coming in month after month

 Do you need help?

Let Solade Concepts help you design and build your Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure!



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Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular - and it is a trend that will grow as the vehicles become more convenient to fuel. According to Andrew Ferrick, battery-powered vehicles will account for 15 to 20 percent of all vehicle sales by the year 2030. Their prediction may reach fruition sooner than later, thanks to developments like those pushed forward by Solade Concepts.


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Corona's Green Valley Corridor

Green Valley Corridor

"Stretching from the Orange County line to the border of the City of Riverside, the Green Valley Corridor offers electric vehicle owners peace of mind when traveling."

EV Charging Station Specs.




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Grid Tie Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Advertisement Capabilities



Comparable  to the 1970’s introduction of bus shelters with advertisement space,the Electric Vehicle Charging stations embrace this infrastructure , while adding a modern twist : The marriage of Advertisement and Renewable Energy.






Our solar shade structures are not only designed to reduce your overall electric bill but to create an additional revenue stream.  From the Micro Grid Station to the Electric Vehicle Charging Station to the solar bus shelters, our structures can be equipped  for electronic advertising signs and billboards.




A solar integrated shade structure will improve the value to any property.  A Commercial property value is increased by $20,000 for every $1,000 reduction in operating costs.  In addition, the resale value of adding a solar shade structure can be the highest of all possible property improvements.


There are significant financial and tax incentives offered by governments and utility companies to help reduce the cost of a solar s and EV charging system.  






 Ideal for businesses or municipalities. Electric Vehicles or EV's charging connections require 120/240 volts. Our Solar Charging Station is able to accomodate both electrical currents for any EV charge connection.



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Chevy Volt®
Nissan Leaf®

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We can accommodate any company theme:


Benefits Minimize

§Reduce electric bills

§Going green
§Lower C.A.M. charges with solar
§Lower Operating Costs
§Advertising in local businesses
§Bring new business
§ E.V. plug-ins
§Bridge the gap between the

  demand for energy use and  

renewable energy 

§Carbon Credit


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"President Obama calls for Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy in his State of the Union Address"
"The passing of the amendment to allow our 'Grid Tie Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station' with advertisement capabilities into retail parking lots."

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Depending on Location


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